Derek Hatton

Derek Hatton is best known as the Liverpool Council leader of the 80’s. Many will remember the Labour Party conference scenes with Neil Kinnock, the seemingly endless battles with Margaret Thatcher and the massive demonstrations he led against the Tory Government cuts in jobs and services.

The world has changed a lot since those days and so has Derek Hatton. Over the past 20 years he has been involved in some highly successful businesses and the media.

He has been a Radio presenter for a number of local and national stations including Talk Radio and Talk Sport, and a television presenter for the BBC and Granada.

For nearly ten years he was Chairman of Rippleffect, an internet company built from scratch and sold in 2008 to Trinity Mirror.

He was the Managing Director of a company set up to develop property in Cyprus.

He has been, and still is a very popular and sought after after dinner/motivational speaker.

As a keen cyclist, he was a founder and is a director of, a national company set up 3 years ago to encourage people to cycle to work. From this experience he has launched a new employee benefits company,,uk

He is a fanatic Everton supporter, season ticket holder and life long supporter of the Club.

He believes passionately in keeping fit, eating the right things and takes 27 vitamins a day. He believes that obesity is a crime not a disease and that the way to loose weight and get fit is quite simple, eat less and better and exercise!! Its actually not rocket science!! He believes that because of people living longer and the massive burden on NHS, the retirement age will inevitably rise and we will all have to concentrate on health and fitness in order to cope with living and working for longer.

Derek is father to Becky, Ben, Sarah, Laura and has nine grandchildren. He definitely believes in working hard and playing hard!!! Age is without question just a number!!!!